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1 Apr


Into the woods, save for the trees

I see the ocean beyond the breeze

Hear the waves as they rush the shore

I am only moments, from the Lord

Can you feel the mist kiss your face

Taste the salt against your lips as lace

Feel the warmth caress your flesh

See the pink upon your breasts

Raise your hands to God above

Hear the call of doves in love

Close your eyes and know you’re done

Home is heaven where there is love

This is the time, it has finally come

You have walked the path known to none

– Tadalena

01 April 2014



1 Sep



The weight of waiting is quite irritating

Time slows down I commence to frown

When time speeds up, I’m falling down drunk

Keep up, slow up, I’m about to throw up

but do not fear, Speedy Time Man is near

He knows when I frown and turns me a clown

Impatient I wait for him to contemplate them

turning up the rotation so again is elation

winding down my frustration leaving me complacent – Tadalena Warner

Your prize, her sentence

18 May

Your prize, her sentence
By Tadalena Warner

The nerve,
it was you,
heartless, ruthless,
cunning in your crew.
Underneath that façade,
your beast,
careful in aiming your piece.
Spilling blood as honey,
you stole innocence,
a life; hers, for money.

Have you ever heard…

14 May

Have you ever heard…
By Tadalena Warner

Have you ever heard meadowlark sing
As dew in the grass, a diamond in the green
Have you ever heard a ladybug crawl
Echoes in the ear, footsteps in the hall
Have you ever heard angels in love
Wings flutter by from heaven above
Have you ever heard a heart beating true
It’s that hum between me and you
Have you ever heard the night sky fall
A moment in time only some can recall
I’ve heard all these things and more
It’s what beckons me in returning to the shore


29 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

How could I not love you
Purity and truth is what I see
Sadness through your words doth bleed
Though these lips you’ve never touched
Feel the warmth under your breath
Tenderness as they caress
A thousand years gilded in dust
Leaving trails of happiness within your touch
Oh how I long to know
True pleasure in loving you so
Wept you have for another
All but died you did in hopes of a smother
Choke out life where it glowed
Smite the rainbow before the day
You come to realize I never wanted to play
All I desire from you is this
Eternity and a kiss

I Love You

28 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

Whether the moon or the sun
You’re the one I want to belong
Whether you feed me or devour me whole
You’re the one with whom I grow old
Whether you’re glowing or a dying light
You’re the one I want my whole life
Whether you live forever or die young
You’re the one who’ll remember our song
Whether you crumble or stand tall
You’re the one I’ll always call
Whether you change with the seasons
Or remain ever so
You’re the one I’ll never let go


28 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

goats, rabbits, monkey’s in habits
that’s what it’s all about
kids in blankets, worms in my bed
isn’t this cute; too bad its dead
lunch, soup, or is it stew….E
who knows, who cares, ka ka kablooeeee

(disclaimer: to all nimrods out there who believe this is about an actual child…blpsssssspspspsps :P)