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Brain Spider

8 Mar

Brain Spider

Copyright by Tadalena Warner
Daytona Beach, Florida
72nd Bike Week

OH MY STARS!  I just had to snap this photo!

Friday marks the first day of bike week here in Daytona Beach, Florida.  While I was walking down Mainstreet, I came upon a barber shop and knew this was a once in a lifetime moment.  It is also a prime example of something my husband used to play with me and our children.  What triggered this memory was the comment my friend made in an email.  “While I am eating your brains.”  That particular comment brought back a barrage of instances, but the one that I clung to was the brain spider.  Placing your hand upon the top of someone’s head.  Give it a flex or two and ask your unwitting victim, ‘what is this?’  Unless they have been privy to this sort of folly they are naturally going to reply with I don’t know or something silly.  That is when my husband would come back with ‘a brain spider starving to death.’