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Five Sentence Fiction: Words

7 Apr

Words in my head lay at my feet; dead little posies nevermore smelling sweet. Words up on high, or’ my head they bleat. Words come and go, but oft’ times return to feed, upon my brains, upon my heart, upon the very fabric torn apart. Words, you see, are just that to me; wretched little monsters seeking infamous greed. Can you hear them, can you see, can you understand my unease when words come in to play before asking if I’m free?


The Fire Burns Deep

30 Mar


Lillie McFerrin Writes

The fire burns deep within
Flames of passion between me and him
Rise my love, rise again, rise my beloved angel friend
Claim your place, claim your land, claim your prize in the sand
Treasures await, treasures abound, treasures unheard, treasures unfound


High on words

19 Mar

Five Sentence Fiction

(A black/white photo)
((A young woman dressed in white
sits upon a ladder up high reading a book))


I sit with the book upon my lap, staring at the words longing to chat.  With each passage, it speaks to me; whispers, longings, and mysteries call upon my heart yearning to fall.  Deeper in love I am with he; deeper still is the pain within, hidden treasures of remembering when.  His breath upon my neck, his hands upon my waist, his lips trailing down to that magical place.  But it’s only a book; words upon a page, nothing more than moments in my gaze.

A line in the sand

1 Feb
Photo Copyright by Tadalena Warner2010

Photo Copyright by Tadalena Warner

A Line In The Sand…BY Tad Warner 29JAN2013

Warming his flesh in returning home, he could feel the heat of the mid day sun.  Too much time has passed since he felt the rays; warming his soul, turning his gaze.  The sands of time lay in wait, welcoming his presence by calling his name.  Can you hear the call; the gulls at sea, beckoning forth, come to thee.  Salted waves of blue and green; capped in white, glisten and glean.  Gathering morsels of this and that, moments in history he longs to have.  Holding on and steadying his feet, he turns and walks towards the sea.