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1 Sep



The weight of waiting is quite irritating

Time slows down I commence to frown

When time speeds up, I’m falling down drunk

Keep up, slow up, I’m about to throw up

but do not fear, Speedy Time Man is near

He knows when I frown and turns me a clown

Impatient I wait for him to contemplate them

turning up the rotation so again is elation

winding down my frustration leaving me complacent – Tadalena Warner


Friday Fictioneers : April 5, 2013

7 Apr

Tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine;
something Claire liked with a bottle of red wine.
Oh, she’d spin you a yarn of the finest of tales;
one for the ages, one to curl hair,
but did you know of Claire’s brother Peter O’blare?
He’s a monster, a wretch of a man that none can compare.
He’s buried you see, beneath that hickory tree;
dead these many years from the blood that did seep,
in from the wounds, in from the ground,
in from the pieces left when quiet did sound.
Cut off his head they did and buried it deep
buried it lower than Satan could reach.
What did he do, what did he say,
to warrant dismemberment that crisp Spring day?
I could tell you or I could not
it’ll only matter if your ever came up,
to Hickory Ridge Manor and stayed with Hugh,
you see, Hugh is the only member of ole’ granny’s crew.
He’s the one who’ll cook you some grub
and ask your name before taking you to see
what’s left of Peter’s remains.

Five Sentence Fiction: Words

7 Apr

Words in my head lay at my feet; dead little posies nevermore smelling sweet. Words up on high, or’ my head they bleat. Words come and go, but oft’ times return to feed, upon my brains, upon my heart, upon the very fabric torn apart. Words, you see, are just that to me; wretched little monsters seeking infamous greed. Can you hear them, can you see, can you understand my unease when words come in to play before asking if I’m free?


Brain Spider

8 Mar

Brain Spider

Copyright by Tadalena Warner
Daytona Beach, Florida
72nd Bike Week

OH MY STARS!  I just had to snap this photo!

Friday marks the first day of bike week here in Daytona Beach, Florida.  While I was walking down Mainstreet, I came upon a barber shop and knew this was a once in a lifetime moment.  It is also a prime example of something my husband used to play with me and our children.  What triggered this memory was the comment my friend made in an email.  “While I am eating your brains.”  That particular comment brought back a barrage of instances, but the one that I clung to was the brain spider.  Placing your hand upon the top of someone’s head.  Give it a flex or two and ask your unwitting victim, ‘what is this?’  Unless they have been privy to this sort of folly they are naturally going to reply with I don’t know or something silly.  That is when my husband would come back with ‘a brain spider starving to death.’