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1 Sep



The weight of waiting is quite irritating

Time slows down I commence to frown

When time speeds up, I’m falling down drunk

Keep up, slow up, I’m about to throw up

but do not fear, Speedy Time Man is near

He knows when I frown and turns me a clown

Impatient I wait for him to contemplate them

turning up the rotation so again is elation

winding down my frustration leaving me complacent – Tadalena Warner



25 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

When spring comes upon the glen, I see the deer footprints from when
Winter’s wrath left its trail, secret passages from whence it fell
Now, dawn has come and shown the light, clearing shadows bringing life

Guess what I’m thinking….

23 Apr

Guess What I’m Thinking
By Tadalena Warner

(keep your mind out of the gutter…think outside the box)

Come on baby, you wanna play with me
Come on baby; let me show you what I like
Come on baby; now let’s get it right tonight
I know you wanna play by the look in your stare
I know you wanna play by the way you pull my hair
I know you wanna play by the strength in your grip
Here, let me show you what I can do with this whip
Come give me a little taste of what I like
Come on big boy you know you can do it right
Come on once more before we are done
That’s it; pull it out, let me see your big gun