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1 Apr


Into the woods, save for the trees

I see the ocean beyond the breeze

Hear the waves as they rush the shore

I am only moments, from the Lord

Can you feel the mist kiss your face

Taste the salt against your lips as lace

Feel the warmth caress your flesh

See the pink upon your breasts

Raise your hands to God above

Hear the call of doves in love

Close your eyes and know you’re done

Home is heaven where there is love

This is the time, it has finally come

You have walked the path known to none

– Tadalena

01 April 2014



13 Mar

Time has come, rush the gates
Let it out, hurry don’t wait
Aim your gun, fire your piece
Bring the night, silence released

Candy’s crush by design
Terrors beheld all this time
Green eyes glean in the dark
Ripping, shredding hearts apart

Seek your target once again
Kill, destroy; blood runs thin
Hear the cries, hear the pleas
Find the enemy on their knees

Make them beg, watch them pray
God nor the devil knew this day
Time has come, aim your piece
Silence bestowed upon your feet

– Tadalena Warner


1 Sep



The weight of waiting is quite irritating

Time slows down I commence to frown

When time speeds up, I’m falling down drunk

Keep up, slow up, I’m about to throw up

but do not fear, Speedy Time Man is near

He knows when I frown and turns me a clown

Impatient I wait for him to contemplate them

turning up the rotation so again is elation

winding down my frustration leaving me complacent – Tadalena Warner

Lavender and Fern

28 Apr

Lavender and Fern
By Tadalena Warner

Fields of lavender and fern
Hues of purples and greens
Magical moments, hidden dreams
Mist in the sky, softens the glow
Shadows and memories of things we know
Turn the corner, look beyond the edge
Is it history or a page to dredge
Up ended time, unhinged in our beds
This is but a instance between the living and dead
Those we trust, those we love, those we favor above all
They are the ones who remember yester-year
when today is full of lavender and fear


25 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

Hide your secrets; hide them fast
Throw the monsters in the trash
Listen close as they scream
Did you hear them call your name
They’re coming for you
Be here in a flash
Pick up them boots; get off your stash
City angels, yard angels, flyboy’s too
Don’t look now, but their packing the blue
In the wild blue yonder, they’ll be in your dreams
It’s the black we ponder before blood curdling screams
Hurry now and don’t be late
The boys are coming, plans to perpetrate
Make no never mind to the fun in their stare
They ain’t looking to kill you in your lair
My boys are back, ready, and aiming
Straight ahead at the plans you’re scheming
They know where you are; they know your game
Honey, they know your walk of shame
Be forewarned; be foretold
The boys are coming; get rid of the old
Get rid of it now before it’s too late
The boys are back; make no mistake

Second Chance

25 Apr

Second Chance
By Tadalena Warner

A flicker of diamonds in his eyes
My heart quickens as I see
Is he perchance looking at me?
Lovely he is with warm golden skin
Heaven sent filling me with bliss again
Could he be? Oh how I wish it so
If it be, then I never let him go
Is he wondering the same?
Perhaps, he will ask my name
Or, he will look again my way
I would love to hear him say
Do you live close by?
Oh yes, I would reply
Smiles exchanged and glances too
Between two strangers who never knew
Today would be the day a new friend is found
Together, they have common ground
A love for the Father and all things plentiful
Love, laughter, and a joy from above
You see, one has all they need in God whom we love
Trust in Him and you will see
What treasures He will bestow upon thee
He gives you all you desire of Him
He loves you more than any man
Trust in Him and know that I tell you no lie
The Heavenly Father is always by your side
And when you are weary and weak
He carries you along bearing the weight
So I ask you my friend to take my hand
Together we shall fall in love again
With Him at our side we shall not want
Through Him our love will flourish
Becoming one for all to see
The truth in God is all we need

Guess what I’m thinking….

23 Apr

Guess What I’m Thinking
By Tadalena Warner

(keep your mind out of the gutter…think outside the box)

Come on baby, you wanna play with me
Come on baby; let me show you what I like
Come on baby; now let’s get it right tonight
I know you wanna play by the look in your stare
I know you wanna play by the way you pull my hair
I know you wanna play by the strength in your grip
Here, let me show you what I can do with this whip
Come give me a little taste of what I like
Come on big boy you know you can do it right
Come on once more before we are done
That’s it; pull it out, let me see your big gun