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25 Mar

Shed your flesh, lay it down once more

Peeled back in layers, remnants on the floor

Soaked, oiled, glistening beneath your cloak

Concealing your presence from those you’ll choke

Tall reeds and grass give shade from the glare

Again you’re hidden; out of the sun’s red flare

Heaven overhead, dead earth beneath

Waiting you are for those who’ll sleep

Silence is the key to eyeing your mark

Aim for the throat then straight for the heart


-Tadalena Warner

25 March 2014



13 Mar

Time has come, rush the gates
Let it out, hurry don’t wait
Aim your gun, fire your piece
Bring the night, silence released

Candy’s crush by design
Terrors beheld all this time
Green eyes glean in the dark
Ripping, shredding hearts apart

Seek your target once again
Kill, destroy; blood runs thin
Hear the cries, hear the pleas
Find the enemy on their knees

Make them beg, watch them pray
God nor the devil knew this day
Time has come, aim your piece
Silence bestowed upon your feet

– Tadalena Warner