False Names

26 Jul

Liars, hiding behind fake names
Thieves in the night, drive her insane
Games on the tube, actors at the helm
These are the pawns used in her realm
Watching her they see, she’s human like thee
Listening they hear, she’s broken; in fear
Afraid to return, afraid to leave
Haunted by what she can’t see to believe
Terrified, clinging to broken glass
If she does, will they return to shatter her path
Destroy the good she holds dear
Presenting a monster whispering in her ear
Leaving marks from before
Does she walk the plank once more
Perhaps he’s the one who leaves
Either way her heart will bleed
Alone again, desperate and scared
Abandoned; proof he never cared

As poets, we are many times misunderstood and or scrutinized for our prose.  Some can be as simple as an everyday experience, as listening to a meadow lark sing.  However, there are those moments when our hearts cry out in horror, fear, undying love, and pure ecstasy.  My position is and will forever remain, if you as the reader do not understand or wish to read through my prose from my perspective, you need only ask.  I may tell you directly, but then again, I may take you on a journey. -TW


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