Second Chance

25 Apr

Second Chance
By Tadalena Warner

A flicker of diamonds in his eyes
My heart quickens as I see
Is he perchance looking at me?
Lovely he is with warm golden skin
Heaven sent filling me with bliss again
Could he be? Oh how I wish it so
If it be, then I never let him go
Is he wondering the same?
Perhaps, he will ask my name
Or, he will look again my way
I would love to hear him say
Do you live close by?
Oh yes, I would reply
Smiles exchanged and glances too
Between two strangers who never knew
Today would be the day a new friend is found
Together, they have common ground
A love for the Father and all things plentiful
Love, laughter, and a joy from above
You see, one has all they need in God whom we love
Trust in Him and you will see
What treasures He will bestow upon thee
He gives you all you desire of Him
He loves you more than any man
Trust in Him and know that I tell you no lie
The Heavenly Father is always by your side
And when you are weary and weak
He carries you along bearing the weight
So I ask you my friend to take my hand
Together we shall fall in love again
With Him at our side we shall not want
Through Him our love will flourish
Becoming one for all to see
The truth in God is all we need


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