25 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

Hide your secrets; hide them fast
Throw the monsters in the trash
Listen close as they scream
Did you hear them call your name
They’re coming for you
Be here in a flash
Pick up them boots; get off your stash
City angels, yard angels, flyboy’s too
Don’t look now, but their packing the blue
In the wild blue yonder, they’ll be in your dreams
It’s the black we ponder before blood curdling screams
Hurry now and don’t be late
The boys are coming, plans to perpetrate
Make no never mind to the fun in their stare
They ain’t looking to kill you in your lair
My boys are back, ready, and aiming
Straight ahead at the plans you’re scheming
They know where you are; they know your game
Honey, they know your walk of shame
Be forewarned; be foretold
The boys are coming; get rid of the old
Get rid of it now before it’s too late
The boys are back; make no mistake


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