Wishful Thinking

22 Apr


Art & Image Copyright by Tadalena Warner

Wishful Thinking
By Tadalena Warner
(This is a poem I wrote thinking about what I would want my husband to say to me)

To the love of my life
The woman I will call my wife
She is a vision to behold
A true goddess with hair of red
and gold
Curls woven softly atop her head
Gently scent our ocean bed
Our love is a treasure this is true
Buried deep in warm desert sand
Nestled close by splashing waves
Kissed by heaven’s blue angel gates
How do I know this vision unseen?
The simple fact that she sees me
Not the man I pretend to be
She sees the man under lock and key
The vulnerable boy who loves a girl
Would willingly give her the world
To know she loves him just the same
Never forsaking his love for a game
She does love him with all her heart
Wants nothing more than to never part
To hold his hand for eternity
Knowing his love is all she ever needs
United in the arms of love
I give myself to you from above
Our hearts are as one
A union never to be broken or undone
This treasure is ours to keep
Forever is eternity we need not speak
Our hearts are woven creating love’s tapestry
Joined together we are set free


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