The End

20 Apr

The End
By Tadalena Warner

Make fun of my heart
Take from me in the dark
Give back a gun
Oh, but you aren’t done
You decimate my soul
In leaving me so
Pestered banter has done its job
Released the hold from where I belong
Forlorn from within, I lay shattered on the floor
Instead of saying the truth at the very start
You played along, ripping at my heart
Taking from me a most delicate spark
A flame haired nymph I might have been
But now I am dying and reaching for the wind
The fire within has lost its luster
Consumed by the decay of white alabaster
What grows in its stead is wicked and vile
A most wretched monster that none can beguile
Life on the other side should commence as it would
Leaving her to die before the hood
Ridding her of the ray shining down
Burning what’s left, searing the ground
Nothing will return, not one single seed
Shall germinate from beneath your feet
Why you ask; why indeed
Why is the question pondered in my sleep
You never returned, you never even bothered
Save only to gawk and laugh as I lay in squalor
The filth of an existence, no man would want
Not even a man who prowled on the hunt
Evil is you, who does this deed
Lying to waste a love out of need
So what should I do
Where should I go
What do you care what happens to me
Why would you bother with a heart that bleeds
What’s in it for you
I want to know
Is there a treasure that lay buried in the cold
The ember of fate is all but gone
Leaving behind a man, singing an empty song


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