13 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

Broken screams
An angels dream
Torn from the heart
Ripped into shreds
Blood pours like wine
Stains of red
Do you know from whence she came
Can you recall your purpose here
Creating a monster from salted tears
Bludgeoned eyes, battered arms, shattered dreams
Laced with charms
Forgive me FATHER for my sins
I am but a child of wicked men
My mother turns her back upon me
Ashamed from the treasures I bestow at your feet
Dear GOD in heaven above
Wash over me your eternal love
Take from me the chains of shame
Releasing the demons that call out my name
Allow me dear FATHER to return to you
Draped in the love both honest and true
Free me from Lucifer’s hand
Welcome me back to the promise land


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