11 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

Copyright Tadalena Warner 2008

Copyright Tadalena Warner 2008

Throw away the light and what do you see?
Places, object, or is it a tree?
I see things that make me cry
not for myself, but the things they hide.
Pain and frustration deep within
Sorrow, hurt, shame, and sin.
Within the darkness, I see you
wondering if there is a chance to be free.
Words unspoken, feelings denied.
These are the things trying to hide
within your walls, I see a child
who lost his ball, but it’s in front of me.
I alone, my love, hold the key.
Open your eyes and dry your tears
Come darling one, is what you hear.
My voice soft, my embrace warm
Come little one, I’ll guide you home


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