Your World Is My World

9 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

You are the star shining bright for all
You are the light by which we see
You warm our skin and kiss our cheeks
You are the one by whom we feed
For within your nature you are love
Giving life from above
Glowing and twinkling with illumination
You my dear are a pure creation
The star that burns brighter than fire
Your are the one lighting our world
How could you be alone
For within your sight we do roam
Within your warmth we do feel
Within your heart we do beat
Without you, it is us who are alone
Wandering this land in search of home
Blinded by the absence of you
Dying, you may be, but so are we
Not much different is our plight
To burn by day and by night
A candle blowing with the winds
Burning life, from both ends


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