9 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

You leave the light on and I wait
A moment perhaps, so we may speculate
but you aren’t up for chatter these days
In truth, you aren’t up for much if I’m in the craze
You’d much rather chat it up with women of late
Pretty little packages on your lappy screen
They offer more sustenance than a woman like me
Fillies who’ve had enough of the married scene
Ditching their husbands or they of them
then looking for suitors who remind her of him
but they know not what they truly desire
Is it companionship, fun, or the filthy mire
Perhaps, they seek comfort from you
Money, luxury, or our family who
We dreamt of, created, and nurtured
but what of their families, their hopes of the future
Did they abandon them for a moment on your screen
in hopes of finding a mate from someone else’s dream


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