I’m Gonna Eat You

6 Apr

BY Tadalena Warner

I hate you for having to fight you
You should be a real man and admit to your guilt
Stupid stupid dream
Wishing he’d wake up
Realize how much wrong he’s done
Wanting him to grovel on his knees back to me
Stupid girl – forgives
Stupid girls love those who never love them
Beggar for perfection in a sea of dead men
Stupid girl
Dies again when she lays her heart at your feet
You are stronger than she are you not
I am weak from decay and rot
My brittle bones crumble to my feet
Flesh pools and reeks of rotten meat
From the belly of whores I come
Laying waste to men with a gun
Should I forgive you for the evil you’ve given
Riddle you with holes so the stench can filter in
What shall I do with the likes of you
Perhaps, when I am no longer blue
I’ll bake a cake
Lace it with posies and grasses for your sake
Lilies to be precise
Pushing up daisies is entirely too nice
You my dear shouldn’t be having any fun
Probing and pushing with your proverbial gun
I think you’ll be just fine
At the bottom of a bottle of vinegar wine
That’s where you’ll do most good
Flavoring the morsels of a heavenly brew
Your ass in my pot for making me blue


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