5 Apr

By Tadalena Warner & A.R.E.


OH no no…NO huggy huggy for you…it gives me needs

Right, sorry
Look no touch
No deep kisses
No light peck on the cheek
No stroking your ear lightly with my nose
No nibbling down your throat
And no caresses on your back while hugging your form to mine
………… A.R.E.
How can he know what pleasures me
Gently stroking my every need
Caressing me here and there
Desire rises under his hands
Drawing me closer to this courageous man
Can this be a love of him
The spell he has upon my skin
A scent of pleasure builds within
Releasing desire’s hidden from all
Who know my name, but not from where I fell
In love with the arc angel
My redeemer, my angel of mercy
He is the one whom hath set me free
From damnation and wretched misery
Free to learn and love again
In the arms of a friend
A gentle kiss upon your lips
Fingers intently grip your waist
Pulling you in a wanted embrace
Release to me your desire
Give into to pleasure my dear
Together we form an eternal bond
Your tongue upon my heart
From your body I will never part
Your lips upon mine
Your teeth upon my neck
Hearts beat as one
Embraced in passion, I feel your heat
Releasing the eternal need
To know my lover from whence he sleeps

His hands gently stroke her hair
Electrifying her body
She knows it’s him
He’s the one to whom she belongs
Oooooo….I umm…
Pounding is my heart
A deafening sound echoing through my brain
What is the spell you have over me
Pleasure in our fun, wanted company
Creating want where there was none
Give into desire with your every word
Surround me with your arms, they I’ve heard
Touch me; caress me, as I melt in your love
Sing to me the coo of a dove
Longingly searching for heaven above
Come to me in this our rhyme
Together forever until the end of time
Tenderly my hands trail your waist
Embracing you as I feel my way
Chests together beating in time
The desire growing inside
How can this be
Your very touch electrifies me
Sending me closer to the edge
Do I give in or leave you behind
Spinning out of control is my mind
Eager arms never letting go
Cries of happiness as you feel your way
Kissing me softly on this cool fall day
Treasured moments in pure bliss
Felt beneath your tender lips
Heated breath against my neck
My body rises, pleasure intensifies
To the brink of ecstasy
A lover’s fantasy can never hide
This fire sprite looks upon her captor in the moon lit night
Could he be the one to turn her soul?
Transforming decay from death to treasure
Could he be the one of delight?
Sent for pure pleasure
This fire pixie with a heart of gold and alabaster skin
Knows the joy of playful fun
She’ll coax you in on the mere chance you’ll stay for a while
Gleefully dance
Romp among the flowers and slip through the leaves
Joyfully singing in loving company
Tell her what she longs to hear
Come closer now, whisper in her ear
You know she is near
The light scent of her perfume lingers in the air
The sheer thought of her presence electrifies you
Sending the impulse of desire surging through
Where is this woman of fantasy?
The one creature that captivates your every waking moment
You know she’s near
Memories of her arms wrapped about your waste
While her sultry eyes gazed longingly into yours
Desperately, you search to end the want growing within
Where is my fire sprite mystery
Come out my darling one
Hand in hand, we shall set free
The love growing between you and me
Show yourself, so I may find you
Tonight, I wish to make you mine
Lose ourselves in the sands of time
Sing to you a wondrous song
Drawing you in; to me you belong
Here I am on bended knee
Take my hand and follow me
Through the trees and moonlit shrubs
Trust in my eternal love
Believe in the journey of our destiny
For I am the one who loves you more than any other
The one created by our Heavenly Father
To cherish you as none before
Take my hand for I am yours


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