Like a Butterfly

3 Apr

Like a butterfly
By Tadalena Warner

Copyright Tadalena Warner

Copyright Tadalena Warner

Like a butterfly, we all started out as an egg. Laid by our mothers and secured with the leaves of love. Protected until our tiny bodies are formed. Soft and no more the size of a pea for an aphid, we stay encapsulated for some time. We endure the equivalent of torrential down pours to our tiny size. Sweltering heat blisters our covering, but we are not affected under the shelter of green. Bugs come and go, but leave us behind, for a woven screen forms our home. As a caterpillar, we emerge long and slender. Our awkward bodies change shedding our skin as we grow. A hundred times, we reach before the crystal of sleep takes us home. Suspended in time, we hang from a tree or find our bodies among the decay of leaves. Protected we are by a silken cocoon; forever transforming behind our gilded green hue. Green is our home. It is where we belong and where our beauty is first seen. Before we emerge and shed our abode, our colors begin to glean. Bit by bit, we come into our own. As apparent as the midday sun our beauty shines. All we need is love and a little time.



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