Have you found your cowboy Casanova?

1 Apr

Have you found your cowboy Casanova?
Copyright by Tadalena Warner

Is he on a horse or riding a train?
Can I find him in a flying plane?
How ’bout afloat in the sea or could he be
sneaking up behind me?
Where could I find this cowboy of love?
What should I wear in my hair
A flower of the rarest of seeds
one that even the honey bees buzz miles to see?
Forever is the hunt for Casanova, but
have anyone of you truly known of his love?
I have…he sings like a dove.
He’ll play you a tune on his violin
string you along coaxing you in.
Stepping into his lair,
warmth and tenderness scatter through the air
leaving icy cold shards of dreams
once shattered by screams of lovers past,
who dreamt of a love, but saw
a Monster behind kaleidoscopes of glass.



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