Archive | April, 2013


29 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

How could I not love you
Purity and truth is what I see
Sadness through your words doth bleed
Though these lips you’ve never touched
Feel the warmth under your breath
Tenderness as they caress
A thousand years gilded in dust
Leaving trails of happiness within your touch
Oh how I long to know
True pleasure in loving you so
Wept you have for another
All but died you did in hopes of a smother
Choke out life where it glowed
Smite the rainbow before the day
You come to realize I never wanted to play
All I desire from you is this
Eternity and a kiss


I Love You

28 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

Whether the moon or the sun
You’re the one I want to belong
Whether you feed me or devour me whole
You’re the one with whom I grow old
Whether you’re glowing or a dying light
You’re the one I want my whole life
Whether you live forever or die young
You’re the one who’ll remember our song
Whether you crumble or stand tall
You’re the one I’ll always call
Whether you change with the seasons
Or remain ever so
You’re the one I’ll never let go


28 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

goats, rabbits, monkey’s in habits
that’s what it’s all about
kids in blankets, worms in my bed
isn’t this cute; too bad its dead
lunch, soup, or is it stew….E
who knows, who cares, ka ka kablooeeee

(disclaimer: to all nimrods out there who believe this is about an actual child…blpsssssspspspsps :P)

Lavender and Fern

28 Apr

Lavender and Fern
By Tadalena Warner

Fields of lavender and fern
Hues of purples and greens
Magical moments, hidden dreams
Mist in the sky, softens the glow
Shadows and memories of things we know
Turn the corner, look beyond the edge
Is it history or a page to dredge
Up ended time, unhinged in our beds
This is but a instance between the living and dead
Those we trust, those we love, those we favor above all
They are the ones who remember yester-year
when today is full of lavender and fear


27 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

Pure pleasure in your arms
Pure bliss in your kiss
Pure joy in your hello
Pure erotica in your hips
Come to me my dear
Give me your all
Show me the way of loving you more
Give me a sign, never close that door
Let me in, never ask me to leave


26 Apr

By Tadalena Warner

Captive or captivated that’s for you to decide
Did those words, that moment, make you run and hide
Perhaps it’s the opposite, they drew you in
Calling to a memory of remembering when
Moments with another, instances in the dark
Was it pain, horror, or the beginning of a spark
Only you can say what you feel in the prose
Your heart longs to show or keep hidden deep
Moments of growth beneath what we seek
Forget to remember or remember to forget
Remains connected between beginning and end
It’s your choice, your life, are you living or looking to say goodbye

New Beginnings

26 Apr

New Beginnings
By Tadalena Warner

I can’t wait, it’s coming make no mistake
Time is drawing near; the end is at hand
A new day upon us, a new breath we breathe
The life once lived has come; our reprieve
Don’t worry my dear, it’s a blessing in disguise
Life worth living no longer hides behind closed eyes
Come, won’t you and play along
Time is of the essence when building anew
Life, love, and living in every hue