It’s good to know…

21 Mar

If you want a hospital where the doctors are jovial and the staff entertaining, you should try Florida South Hospital in Orlando, Florida. It has an amazing pediatric wing. Being only a few minutes from Walt Disney World, The Walt Disney Pavilion is a perfect name to describe an amazing section of this enormous hospital. It’s fun, interactive, and offers so much in the way of eye candy as opposed the traditional or contemporary hospitals you see today. The foyer to the ped’s area has an oversize statue of the lovable character Baloo from The Jungle Book. The staff are cordial and smile a lot. I had the pleasure of visiting that hospital yesterday. It was my second trip to the expansive establishment and worth the time spent. There is a lot to be said for an organization that goes out of its way to spread some jolly cheer to its patients and yesterday was no exception. It was pirates and princesses day. Walking up and down the halls to the cafeteria to get my cousin her coffees, I counted a minimum of seven princesses and two pirates. She had three princesses, a queen, and a swashbuckler visit her during my time there. It was great to see a hospital dedicated to offering up some whimsical fun. The surrounding area is cool too; if it were not for the gas station just outside the complex, I would have forgot that I walked those streets a couple of years ago. It must be the only gas station surrounded by decorative walls, masking the parking area and pumps. Maybe when I am done with nursing school and working towards my Bachelor’s, I’ll have the pleasure of working there too.


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