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The Fire Burns Deep

30 Mar

Lillie McFerrin Writes

The fire burns deep within
Flames of passion between me and him
Rise my love, rise again, rise my beloved angel friend
Claim your place, claim your land, claim your prize in the sand
Treasures await, treasures abound, treasures unheard, treasures unfound


It’s good to know…

21 Mar

If you want a hospital where the doctors are jovial and the staff entertaining, you should try Florida South Hospital in Orlando, Florida. It has an amazing pediatric wing. Being only a few minutes from Walt Disney World, The Walt Disney Pavilion is a perfect name to describe an amazing section of this enormous hospital. It’s fun, interactive, and offers so much in the way of eye candy as opposed the traditional or contemporary hospitals you see today. The foyer to the ped’s area has an oversize statue of the lovable character Baloo from The Jungle Book. The staff are cordial and smile a lot. I had the pleasure of visiting that hospital yesterday. It was my second trip to the expansive establishment and worth the time spent. There is a lot to be said for an organization that goes out of its way to spread some jolly cheer to its patients and yesterday was no exception. It was pirates and princesses day. Walking up and down the halls to the cafeteria to get my cousin her coffees, I counted a minimum of seven princesses and two pirates. She had three princesses, a queen, and a swashbuckler visit her during my time there. It was great to see a hospital dedicated to offering up some whimsical fun. The surrounding area is cool too; if it were not for the gas station just outside the complex, I would have forgot that I walked those streets a couple of years ago. It must be the only gas station surrounded by decorative walls, masking the parking area and pumps. Maybe when I am done with nursing school and working towards my Bachelor’s, I’ll have the pleasure of working there too.


19 Mar

When I was two
I remember when
Jumping off the ledge
In the summer’s glen
As my body turned
My eyes caught yours
Peering into heaven
Clouds turned to pearls
From up so high
I could see
You looking down
Smiling at me
My tiny little feet
Above the ground
My precious hands
In yours, did found
Happiness, courage, and glee
Moments of freedom
Without he
No touches impure
No whispers in the night
Not a single memory
Stained or in plight
With you I found
Freedom from the past
With you, I’m crowned
Princess at last

-Tadalena Warner


High on words

19 Mar

Five Sentence Fiction

(A black/white photo)
((A young woman dressed in white
sits upon a ladder up high reading a book))

I sit with the book upon my lap, staring at the words longing to chat.  With each passage, it speaks to me; whispers, longings, and mysteries call upon my heart yearning to fall.  Deeper in love I am with he; deeper still is the pain within, hidden treasures of remembering when.  His breath upon my neck, his hands upon my waist, his lips trailing down to that magical place.  But it’s only a book; words upon a page, nothing more than moments in my gaze.


Brain Spider

8 Mar

Brain Spider

Copyright by Tadalena Warner
Daytona Beach, Florida
72nd Bike Week

OH MY STARS!  I just had to snap this photo!

Friday marks the first day of bike week here in Daytona Beach, Florida.  While I was walking down Mainstreet, I came upon a barber shop and knew this was a once in a lifetime moment.  It is also a prime example of something my husband used to play with me and our children.  What triggered this memory was the comment my friend made in an email.  “While I am eating your brains.”  That particular comment brought back a barrage of instances, but the one that I clung to was the brain spider.  Placing your hand upon the top of someone’s head.  Give it a flex or two and ask your unwitting victim, ‘what is this?’  Unless they have been privy to this sort of folly they are naturally going to reply with I don’t know or something silly.  That is when my husband would come back with ‘a brain spider starving to death.’


2 Mar

By Tadalena Warner

Dandelions at my feet
Oft do smell nice, but not too sweet
Warm yellows and deep greens
Remind me of heaven before my teens
How do I begin to tell the tale
Moments of happiness, I know too well
Cherished memories as a young kid
Pleasure upon a face I never hid
Dandelion puffs develop in my sleep
Pure delight for a child of glee
Given flight, they lift through the air
Leaving trails in the sky and dance about my hair
Dandelion seeds lift higher still
Landing on trees, lawns, and more
Nestling close to that which is warm
Grow little one and feed the need
Become the beauty beneath the heat
Beautiful dandelions at my feet
Oft do smell nice, but not too sweet