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28 Feb



by Tadalena Warner 28FEB2013

Sweet little one, eyes so deep
Brown then black, sees through me
Precious little one, young and true
Pools of satin, pierces through
Youth before me, kindred kind
Untouched by man, pure his sign
Sweet, gentle, darling he
Eyes so dark, remind me of thee
Wholesome child, this little one
God is blessing in a song yet sung


The Sunday Whirl

24 Feb

The Sunday Whirl
By Tadalena Warner



Tears of joy in your hands
Pieces of me in your heart
Stolen glances; the moment we part
I see you stealing for more
Gazing upon a treasure sublime
Patience is your game
Taunting heaven in your name
Fly with me, release your fears
Play the game and you may find
Limits are only in your mind
Discipline yourself and you may win
A moment for the ages and one for you
Heroic heroes and one lone hue
Heaven between me and you


2 Feb

By Tadalena Warner

Send me happiness in a cup of tea
Shower me in petals of the sweetest blossoms
Feed me honey from divine bees
Gather around me when the day is young
We’ll have the grandest time under the sun
When rain begins to fall, do not fret
Clouds stay only a moment
Dust will settle beneath our feet
Green is the break of the day
Pour gold upon our heads and watch us glow
Forgive the past of the old
Nourish the future with your fruit
Nectar for the giants of tomorrow
Bring me happiness not sorrow
These are the things
Not borrowed

A line in the sand

1 Feb
Photo Copyright by Tadalena Warner2010

Photo Copyright by Tadalena Warner

A Line In The Sand…BY Tad Warner 29JAN2013

Warming his flesh in returning home, he could feel the heat of the mid day sun.  Too much time has passed since he felt the rays; warming his soul, turning his gaze.  The sands of time lay in wait, welcoming his presence by calling his name.  Can you hear the call; the gulls at sea, beckoning forth, come to thee.  Salted waves of blue and green; capped in white, glisten and glean.  Gathering morsels of this and that, moments in history he longs to have.  Holding on and steadying his feet, he turns and walks towards the sea.